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Frequently Asked Questions
Why India?
Because the future lies here, in the huge possibilities of products and raw materials it has to offer with its wealth of traditional know how and modern infrastructure at affordable prices.

Why use a Buying Agent?
Working directly with suppliers based in Asia, often at a great distance, can be quite time consuming, expensive, and often highly frustrating.  A buying agent becomes your local office in the country of manufacturing, and fights for your interest to get the correct sample, obtain the best price, negotiate the shortest lead time, oversee production, ensure quality and monitors your shipment till the end.

A sourcing agent is the eyes and ears of its customer, representing them and assisting them in all their sourcing and buying activities. The agent fights to safeguard its buyer’s interests above all and before all.

How is FAPL paid?
We work on a pre-agreed percentage of commission - calculated on the FOB value of goods. This ensures transparency for the buyer. We prefer receiving the commission directly from our customers as we are their rightful representatives in the country.

How can I trust FAPL to do a good job?
FAPL has, over the years built its goodwill and reputation with both buyers and suppliers for its ethics, integrity, transparency and service delivery.

We have a long term relations with our customers - some as long as 20 years.  We consider our vendors as our partners in business as their performance is a benchmark for our reputation.   Today, FAPL part of Francis Wacziarg Group - is one of the pioneers in the industry who believe in a Clean, Honest, Ethical and Transparent Business Environment.

How will my business benefit from FAPL?
Working with us will give you an access to dependable and professional manufacturers who will contribute to build your business through sustained savings, and delivering you a worthy product, hassle free at your doorstep.

With us, you can only go forward...

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